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There is a force always warm hearts no matter across time and space; we know that the real wealth of life is not money but benevolence. In constant dialogue with ourselves, Fortune Intellectual Property is evolving the benevolence to the core concept of “goodfaith, goodwill, harmony and profession”, which become a invisible force to promote the continuous development of the company.


Benevolence is the root of the life, Fortune Intellectual Property which is a professional brand consultant of the IP agency, we maintain   kindheartedness since birth, devote to providing comprehensive brand service and building IP system for the customers, this is been to our existence rationale and glory.


Fujian Fortune Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. is inherite from Xiamen Fortune Trademark Co., Ltd., who was engaged in high quality IP service since 2003.We have twice won the National Excellent Trademark Agency from China Trademark Associate; our senior agents obtain more than thirty honor of Provincial and Municipal Trademark Associate in the past years. We are also the Senior Trademark Agent in the Fujian Province. Trademark, copyright, new plant varieties, patent consulting and Anti-illegitimate competition are all our IP legal services; we can also offer the IP services for the customers all over the world.

In the past 13 years, with our wide connections, high quality service, professional and international team, we have successfully established the cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises, we also have built a longtime cooperationship with local legal agents in the foreign countries, our business covers so many countries, such as the United States, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia and Ecuador.

Focusing on the IP service makes us professional. In the past 13 years, our agency has represented over 10,000 cases for our clients. That includes helping about 300 companies to apply for the famous trademark in China or in the Province. And our lawyers have helped our clients to take strong measures against fake and shoddy products around the country. 

Our senior agent has the honor to win the name of “Expert of IPO transformation project in Xiamen” as well as “Expert of idea bank in Free Trade Zone”.

To serve the world, you have to be kindhearted. Numerous honors witness our pace of steady growth as well as our affirmation.  

Kindheartedness starts from service. Regardless of the cases, or to the clients, we practice kindheartedness through our professional knowledge and high-quality service. We established three service institutions: domestic and international agency department, brand design department, Kaip Law Firm. These institutions provide customers following services: domestic and international trademak registration, brand design, legal support. They keep pace with each other and provide 360 degree service.

In the 13 years, our achievement is from every customer's successful cases: “同安封肉” battle for trademark defence,“竹坝” trademark anti cybersquatting case,“正新”trademark infringement proceedings,“GULONG + Device” refusal review in the Malaysia,“HF+图形 + HONGFA”trademark cancellation based on non-use for consecutive 3 years in the South Korea,“永春芦柑”certificate trademark registration,“同安凤梨穗” the first geographical indication trademark in Xiamen,“Solex”trademark respond of three years’ non-use cancellation, etc.

We believe the power of professional and we keep improving. We have been successful for many enterprises to provide services related to intellectual property rights, and provide a range of value-added services for the brand. We treat the clients as the center and response them in time. To solve the problem of intellectual property and seeking the best services, we keep diligent all the time.

People are the starting point and destination. We always believe that the producers and the service servant are wonderful, and then products and services are wonderful. We know that the team is fundamental for the production and development of the enterprise, only the team develops, the enterprise can go further. So we discover talents and train them.

Growing up means challenge and caring. We have a deep insight into the true voice of every employee. We carefully spread the power of love. We build a platform for staff, create value for the enterprise, bring benefits for the community and promote harmony for the society. This power will push us to continue to move forward, and this force will make us feel warm when we travel through time and space.

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