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Recruitment values / multi win


  The value of the wealth of colleagues is "multi win", that is, the overall pursuit of the client and the client and the parties concerned are consistent with the satisfaction. Wealth colleagues know that their responsibility is to find the best solution for our customers. The wealth of colleagues in the comprehensive care of the client at the same time, to fully examine the actual difficulties and the situation of the parties, the principle of seeking truth from facts, meticulous, flexible and comprehensive investigation and Research on the case, try to provide a variety of solutions for customers, so as to realize and improve our common values with customers.。

The concept of service / professional people to do professional things


  Although many people know that "professional people do professional things," the truth, but in the face of real problems, but also often ignored the "professional" of the important degree. In the field of trademark law, it must be said, "there is a world of difference professional" and "non professional", seemingly insignificant little things, in the operation of professionals, can create tremendous value. Similarly, seemingly insignificant things, in the implementation of non professional persons, may also lead to great harm. A similar example is cited. The wealth of Tongren believe that people seek the path of truth but seek thousands on thousands of legal truth, trademark, legal professionals to entrust the professional standard of exploration, is perhaps the best way, after all the law and the real problem is not that simple comparison.

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