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Company registration


The Industry and commerce registration of enterprise opening, changing

Our service for the company registration in Hong Kong and overseas include the service of company registration in Hong Kong, annual examination and report of HK companies, opening an account for HK companies. We can provide the service of company registrations in America, United Kingdom, BVI, Samoa, Cayman, Germany as well as other relevant follow-up service of company operation and management.

The advantages of company registration in Hong Kong:

1.Free to choose name  

2.Scope of business with few limitations

3.Make use of the awareness, create the HK brand 

4.Low taxes environment which is conducive to the development 

5.Less capital of registration and no need to verify the capital    


6.Windows to expand the international market and springboard to enter the market in mainland China 


7.Easy to obtain the International credit and loan 


8.People, materials and the capital can be free to inflow and outflow 

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