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Planning management

The brand is the core of the intangible assets, the trademark is the express form of the brand.

Planning and management of the brand is the brand operator to do the Brand Position, Brand Culture Build, Brand Image Design and Brand Advertising Promotion for the given products or service, as well as to development, designment, production and sales for the related products or service.

Brand planning is the front ;

Brand planning is to make the blueprint of the brand development. Usually, it starts from the brand name. Brand name need to full consider the significan, and should full respect for the cultural traditions of the relevant public to avoid vulgar or political color.

The second step of the Brand planning is the logo design, no matter it is the words or Logo design, regardless of trademark style and theme, the artistic beauty of this process is the first, it needs to withstand the test of the public eyes.

The third step is the trademark registration and copyright, patent protections.

The fourth step is a series image design of the brand, the key problem of this procedure is the apperceive can be organic united by the correlation public, a unified vision is the basic approach, uditory and other sense of unity in the design of brand image is more and more important. Other sectors of the brand planning varies by industry.

Brand management throughout the brand operation process.

The core issue of brand management is the values of the managers, the values of the managers decided to brand characteristics, but the social recognition of the brand is the primary elements of the assessment of brand growth.

Brand planning and management is a highly professional systems engineering, and usually require third-party agent. Fortune Trademark team has accumulated a full experience in this regard, can  provide quality service to the customers.

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